This is an affiliate marketing marketplace. I may earn commission on what you buy after clicking on links at no extra cost to you. Read the Disclaimer for more information.

This is an affiliate marketing marketplace.
I may earn commission on what you buy after
clicking on links at no extra cost to you.
Read the Disclaimer for more information.

This is an affiliate marketing marketplace. I may earn commission on what you buy after

clicking on links at no extra cost to you. Read the Disclaimer for more information.

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Get the Best Vegan Supplements
& Fitness Equipment

Get the Best Vegan Supplements
& Fitness Equipment

Get the Best Vegan Supplements & Fitness Equipment

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1MD are dedicated to helping you regain your vitality by providing a gateway to health which includes innovative health supplements and access to the latest research news, nutrition, and fitness, so you can lead a stronger, healthier life. They work with six board-certified doctors, who spend time working in the field and shaping the future of medicine. 

Using only the highest quality, clinically researched ingredients made in US-based facilities that exceed the FDA standards, are 100% compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and are NSF-certified.

Telephone: +1 (888) 393-4030
Email: su*****@1m*.org

  • Ship within the continental United States.
  • Ship to a number of international countries, please check drop-down list on checkout page.


ActivatedYou® is an integrative approach to overall wellness

Founded by actress and health advocate Maggie Q, ActivatedYou® combines Maggie’s passion for health with the expertise of Dr. Frank Lipman, a renowned integrative medicine doctor.

ActivatedYou® formulas are designed to help the body attain its natural state of vibrant health.

Telephone: +1 (800) 720-8403

  • Free shipping in the U.S.
  • Ship to selected international destinations, please check their website for further details.


Balance of Nature produces 100% all-natural whole food supplements. No GMO’s, gluten, sugars, artificial sweeteners, synthetics, extracts or fillers. Fruits — a blend of 16 whole fruits — plus Veggies — a blend of 15 whole vegetables — plus Fiber & Spice — a blend of fiber and 12 spices.

Telephone: +1 (800) 246-8751

  • Ship to U.S. and Canada.
  • Free shipping on subscription orders.

Boost your health and wellness with Fulvic & Humic Acids. These nutritive molecules are created by soil-based microorganisms from plant matter. Due to their high amounts of electrons, these acids have a natural affinity to bond with minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and even oxygen.

Fulvic & Humic Trace Mineral Formula provides all the essential trace nutrients directly from nature to you.

Email: in**@bi*******.com
Telephone: +1-866-786-3582

  • Free shipping on purchases over $200 for domestic shipments to the continental US.
  • Free shipping on orders over $300 for Hawaii and Alaska.
  • For international orders over $200, please contact Biofulvic for custom shipping pricing.


Calgee’s mission is to make a positive difference by creating the highest-quality, sustainable, vegan supplements to help you live a healthier life. Their Omega-3 is a pure, single-sourced EPA & DHA algae oil without carrageenan. The algae is grown in a strict, controlled indoor environment. This prevents contamination and minimizes the environmental impact.


  • Free shipping on all orders within the U.S.
  • Do not currently ship internationally.


Dr. Fuhrman’s supplements are based on decades of careful analysis of nutritional research, plus empirical results from his private practice as a G.P. They are scientifically formulated to provide the micronutrient support for maximum health, and exclude potentially problematic nutrients.

Telephone: +1 (800) 474-9355

  • Free shipping within the contiguous US on orders over $70.00. Only applies to shippable products. Orders shipped to a PO Box may incur shipping costs.
  • Ship internationally.



Flybird’s founder, Shane Draw, suffered from allergic rhinitis and he sneezed all the time when he went to the gym. So he decided to set up a home gym. But he couldn’t find affordable and satisfactory equipment. Shane realized that other people may be facing the same problem, so he developed affordable and effective equipment to help them too.

Flybird aims to make people’s lives more comfortable and healthier with reliable equipment and excellent service. They are committed to providing professional workout experiences without going to the gym.

Telephone: +1 (253) 733-1752
Email: se*****@fl************.com

  • Free Shipping within the 48 contiguous United States.
  • Do not ship internationally.

FreshCap mushroom supplements are made from whole mushroom fruiting bodies. Nothing is left to chance, they are thoroughly hot water extracted, and tested for verified levels of active compounds.

Telephone: +1 (619) 492-2571

  • Free Shipping to the United States on all orders over $50.
  • Ship internationally.

Future kind+ is focused on producing evidence-based products, that are better for your health, using 100% vegan ingredients, with science and environmental sustainability at the core. They use organic ingredients where possible, approved by dieticians, made in the USA and 3rd party tested.

Future kind+ believes in the power of plants and all their ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free. They use recycled packaging where possible and carbon offset all their deliveries.

They have donated over $20,000 to vegan animal sanctuaries helping to protect neglected and abused animals.

Email: he***@fu********.com 

  • Ship internationally.



Health-Ade are on a mission to unlock the power of your gut. They believe our bellies control way more than just digestion – it drives just about everything you care about, including mood, energy, immunity, blood sugar, and even sleep. Their kombucha products are designed to help you have a happy gut so that you can bring your best self to the world.

Email: he**@he********.com

  • Ship to all US states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Do not ship internationally.

Hello100 is a longevity platform backed by biohackers, geeks, athletes and everyone who aims to extend quality of life. They produce a bioavailable NMN formula combined with trans-resveratrol, betaine (TMG), folate and B12 that’s vegan.

Their team includes Dr. Emek Blair who has formulated upwards of 100 unique liposomal formulas that have successfully been brought to market by some of the largest brands in the world. Several of Dr. Blair’s formulas have been internationally recognized and awarded by the science and supplement industries.

Email: sa*@he******.com
Telephone: +1 (855) 545-4115

  • Free shipping within the United States.
  • They also ship to the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Canada, and Australia.

Herbal Goodness source and manufacture premium quality superfood products including herbal extracts, teas, supplements, nutraceuticals and smoothie powders.

Their mission is to provide the highest quality superfood and herb products to support healthy living and holistic wellbeing; while supporting the environment and impacting lives globally.

All their products are manufactured in the USA, their operations are inspected by the Food and Drug Administration, and they undergo annual USDA organic certification.

Telephone: +1 (800) 820-4829

  • Free shipping in the continental United States for orders above $75.
  • Ship to Canada, the United Kingdom and several other international destinations.

Hippo7 supplements give plant eaters peace of mind with powerful products providing essential nutrients typically missing from plant-based meals. Their all-vegan formulas provide high-quality nutrition to support your plant-based diet.

Their name is in honor of the hippopotamus (aka the hippo) who eats a lot of plants. They truly believe plant-based diets support healthier people and a healthier planet. And agree of course, that plant-based diets are better for the health and wellbeing of animals, too.

Hippo7 recognize that the journey to embracing a plant-based diet is different for everyone. So, whether you’re just starting a plant-based diet, or you’re an experienced herbivore, the Hippo is here to support you.

Email: su*****@hi****.com

  • Only ship to the United States.

Hydrant was created to counter the classic symptoms of burnout and dehydration: frequent headaches, lack of focus, and low energy.

Their drinks refresh and invigorate your mind and body with a highly effective mix of electrolytes and a touch of real fruit juice powder to make your hard work feel like you’re hardly working.

Hydrant offers you the perfect balance: minimal ingredients with maximum results. They design products using only what’s needed to deliver premium taste and performance and no added junk.

Telephone: +1 (929) 202-7075

  • Ship to the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and South Korea.


Invity’s goal is to bring you the most cutting-edge, science-backed solutions that can help us embrace ageing and become our most youthful selves in every way.

Their scientific team focuses on research into the NAD, AMPK and Sirtuin pathways to develop novel ingredients and proprietary formulations proven to support and protect your skin from the inside-out.

Invity’s products are always vegan with natural or nature-identical ingredients.

Email: **@my******.com
Telephone: +65 6980 0843

  • Free international shipping on orders above USD120.


Joy Organics was created with a clear initiative: to develop premium CBD products through innovation and excellence, with service to match.

Their goal is to be the most trustworthy and reliable CBD source. Uncompromising standards for quality and integrity guide their pursuit to ensure the information they provide is science-based, accurate, and reliable.

Through carbon-neutral shipping, the use of recyclable materials, giveback initiatives, regenerative farming practices, and a commitment to sourcing organic whenever possible, Joy Organics hopes to lead the way in sustainability and leave the world a better place.

Not sure which CBD product you need? Do the quiz on their website here.

Telephone: +1 (833) 569-7223

  • Free US shipping for orders over $50.
  • Do not ship internationally.

JoySpring believes you shouldn’t have to choose between effective and natural. Their plant-based supplements are for parents who want honest natural remedies to improve their family’s wellbeing using healthy, safe ingredients.

Email: **@jo***************.com 

  • Free US shipping for orders over $60.
  • Do not ship internationally.




Milky Plant set out to create delicious and nutritious plant-based milk in the easiest and most convenient way –  at home. Their mission is to make plant-based milk in minutes without the fuss, with no additives, no mess, and in the greenest way possible.

Milky Plant follows ethical and sustainable manufacturing best practices. With every purchase they plant 5 trees via Ecologi, offset their carbon footprint and donate 1% to help the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

They offer an end-of-life program to re-purpose and upcycle all Milky Plant machine parts and create as little waste as possible.

Email: he***@mi********.com

  • Made in the U.K. Ship internationally.

Mindbodygreen believes in the fundamentals of science-based holistic well-being: moving, eating clean, breathing, connection, and purpose.

Their supplements include targeted nutrients and bioactives, in calculated doses, that work synergistically to radically transform your health and well-being, which all adds up to the best you.

Mindbodygreen is dedicated to offering sustainable solutions and they take the environmental impact of packaging and ingredients seriously. All of their products are encased in recyclable amber glass bottles and jars. Their shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and are fully curbside recyclable. Each ingredient in their formulas adheres to strict sourcing standards, and they aim to source organic whenever possible.

Email: su*****@mi***********.com
Telephone: +1 (877) 624-9355

  • Ship internationally.


Noomadic Herbals prides itself on providing the highest quality extracts on the market. They thoroughly research the proper consumption method of each of their supplements and reverse engineer their products accordingly.

Email: in**@no*******.com
Telephone: +1 (725) 222-9071

  • Free US shipping for orders over $35.
  • Do not ship internationally.

Nuzest products are plant-based which means they’re good for your health and the planet’s too. Their supplements are backed by science and formulated by independent health professionals and nutritional scientists.


  • Free Shipping to the United States on all orders over $75.
  • Do not ship to APO addresses at this time. 
  • Canadian customers please visit
  • Do not ship internationally.


Ora Organic believes in the power of plant-based nutrition. All of their products are vegan because they believe it’s healthier, more ethical and more sustainable.

In order to minimize the impact they have on the planet, they never use animal-based ingredients, source organic wherever possible, and have the highest testing standards. 

They also actively seek out ways for their business and employees to positively impact the welfare of people, animals, and our shared environment.

Email: in**@or*.organic

  • Ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.


Perfect Period.® was created by Linda Burger, a self-taught herbalist and avid researcher, and advocate for women. She has dedicated her life to helping women find relief from the discomfort and challenges they face with their monthly cycles, and specifically their periods, using herbs and other lifestyle changes.

Perfect Period contains organic and organically wildcrafted herbs and is manufactured in an FDA-inspected, Underwriter’s Laboratory-Certified facility.

Email: in**@pe***********.com
Telephone: +1 (434) 299-8184

  • Free shipping for 5 or more bottles in the U.S. 
  • Ship to Canada.

Pique is on a mission to create doctor-approved, cutting-edge solutions for your head-to-toe health and beauty transformation.

Their plant-based teas and supplements are made from ingredients sourced from the most biodiverse and ecological destinations around the world – from the pristine mountains of Kagoshima, Japan to the sun-drenched coasts of Calabria, Italy and the primordial forests of Yunnan, China.

Pique prizes quality and artisanship, and has formed deep relationships with multi-generational farmers, tea masters, traditional medicine doctors and ingredient scientists to design cutting-edge solutions for a healthier, radiantly beautiful you.

Email: ca**@pi*******.com

  • Free shipping in the US on subscriptions, and for orders over $100.
  • Ship internationally.

Plant Therapy offers pure, high-quality essential oils. They maintain the highest standard of quality and put their products through a rigorous testing process. As a result, they have also been awarded some of the most stringent certifications, like Leaping Bunny and GMP, a company can get.

Email: **@pl**********.com
Telephone: +1 (800) 917-6577 

  • Free shipping and returns in the US.
  • They also offer free shipping to many other countries on orders over $75, visit their site to check the specifics.
  • Ship internationally, but not to Brazil and Russia.

Power Plate is exploring new frontiers and expanding what is known about exercise, health, and human potential. Acceleration training has crossed many thresholds, everything from rebuilding bone density to improving blood flow. Power Plate is accredited in over 120 countries spanning the genre of fitness, health, anti-aging, wellness, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, high performance, and professional athletics. 

Whole body vibration was first used by cosmonauts to combat muscle and bone loss caused by extended stays in zero gravity. Today, Power Plate has continued developing the technology to create products and training programs that deliver legendary performance for professional sports teams, medical facilities, health clubs, studios, and individuals around the globe.

Only Power Plate USA is represented in this shop. However, Power Plate is available in many countries across the globe and you will be redirected to the website that caters to your location.

Customer Service: cu**********@po********.com
Sales: in**@po********.com
Service: se********@po********.com
Telephone: +1 (877) 877-5283

  • Power Plate USA only delivers to the U.S. and Canada.

Proper’s vegan supplements contain clinically-studied, natural ingredients, tailored to your unique needs. They help you get better sleep and are specially formulated so they won’t knock you out and you’ll wake up refreshed and well rested, not groggy.

Their supplements are carefullly formulated by their resident PhD in nutritional Biochemistry, Dr. Alice Hirschel, and reviewed by a world-class panel of medical experts in sleep integrative, and naturopathic medicine.

Proper confirms their sleep aids are drug-free, non-habit-forming, and safe to take for long-term sleep health.

Email: ca**@ge*******.com
Telephone: +1 (646) 328-6813

  • Free US shipping on subscriptions and orders over $50.
  • Other US shipping charged a flat rate of $5.
  • Do not ship internationally.

Proper Wild provides powerful, plant-based energy shots designed to boost your energy, focus, and productivity, putting you into the ideal mental state to maximize your day. The shots contain organic caffeine from green tea to provide clean, long-lasting energy, combined with L-Theanine for focus & productivity, without the jitters or crash.

Email: su*****@pr********.com
Telephone: Text “WILD” to +1 (833) 209-8761

  • Free shipping on all US orders.
  • Do not ship internationally.



Routine values quality over quantity. They’ve curated only the strongest, most effective strains tucked into a slow-release capsule to prevent nausea and ensure your body absorbs all that beneficial bacteria. Plus, they top off their unique formula with ashwagandha, one of the few clinically studied herbs that can help ease stress and anxiety. And Routine is always allergen-free and vegan, and free of GMOs, chemicals, and fillers.

Their cardboard packaging is made from recycled materials and can be recycled again, the pouches and mailers are compostable, and the glass jar is reusable and recyclable.

Telephone: +1 (888) 497-8231

  • Free 2-day shipping across USA.
  • Free Canada-wide shipping.
  • Shipping available worldwide.



Terraseed has created a complete multivitamin specifically designed to fill gaps in your vegan diet, featuring 9 ethically-sourced nutrients in a fully biodegradable bottle.

Terraseed’s mission is to empower people in living healthy, ethical, and sustainable lives day-to-day with vegan nutrition products that are good for them and the planet.

Email: he***@te*******.com

  • Free expedited shipping in the US.
  • Ship internationally, but not to Australia and New Zealand.



VERSO® produces carefully formulated products on the cutting edge of the advances in the field of longevity. Ingredients include Spermidine, Dihydroquercetin, Luteolin, NMN, Resveratrol, and TMG. They take particular care over ensuring the stability of their products, using only the best manufacturing facilities, and testing the products along the way for purity and concentration. 

Email: ge*@ve*.so

  • Free Shipping on US orders. 
  • International shipping with duties and taxes prepaid is available to some countries.


Wild Earth are a team of veterinarians, scientists and animal lovers who want to do better by the animals we love and the planet we share with them. They believe in using science to create the ideal food, supplements and treats for their dogs. They use high-quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

Email: su*****@wi*******.com

  • Free shipping on subscriptions in the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska.)
  • Ship to India.




Maximize your training and health benefits with the Power Plate MOVE
Bio-Available, Mineral Rich Fulvic & Humic Blend; direct sourced, raw and alkaline, this Extra Strength formula aids in Sleep, Detox, nutrient absorption, reduces inflammation and delivers trace minerals at the cellular level. Get Yours NOW!