This is an affiliate marketing marketplace. I may earn commission on what you buy after clicking on links at no extra cost to you. Read the Disclaimer for more information.

This is an affiliate marketing marketplace.
I may earn commission on what you buy after
clicking on links at no extra cost to you.
Read the Disclaimer for more information.

This is an affiliate marketing marketplace. I may earn commission on what you buy after

clicking on links at no extra cost to you. Read the Disclaimer for more information.

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5 Herbs to Support Regular Menstrual Cycles and Easier Periods

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries, but do they really work? Perfect Period.® has created a unique herbal tincture that has been helping women with their period problems since the mid-80’s. The formula contains 5 herbs including Catnip, Chaste Tree Berry, Motherwort, Dong Quai and an allergen-free version of Ragweed.

What Are the Symptoms of Period Problems and the Desired Outcomes?

Common Challenges and Symptoms

Every month many women dread PMS and the debilitating symptoms of problem periods like bad cramps, heavy bleeding, headaches, body aches, and/or irregularity. For some women the only solution is to curl up in bed and miss work or family functions.

Common Desired Outcomes

I think it’s every woman’s dream to have problem-free periods so we can get on with life and not have to plan our lives around our monthlies. For that to happen we’d need a way to balance our hormones naturally, the cramps to be greatly reduced or completely gone, and regular cycles that don’t take us by surprise.

Why Use Herbs for Period Problems?

Women have used herbs for thousands of years across many cultures to treat health concerns and relieve period problems. It always makes more sense to choose all-natural remedies if you find one that works, instead of synthetic/chemical medications or supplements, as they usually have less side effects.

An herbal formula that extracts the valuable compounds of the herb into a liquid “tincture” form is more effective than taking the whole herb in pill or capsule form.

Herbal tinctures also allow you to be more flexible with the dosage, so you can adjust it according to your body’s unique response. Perfect Period advises 15 drops daily in a little water, juice or tea to start. Then listen to your body to see whether you need more or less.

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The 5 Best Herbs for Easier Periods

The founder of Perfect Period Linda Burger is a self-taught herbalist and avid researcher. Linda originally developed the formula to support healthy liver function. She had experienced difficult periods since her childhood and when she noticed the beneficial effects on her periods, she was prompted to do some lengthy research into why it worked.

Linda also began sharing the formula with friends and family and they found it didn’t just mask their symptoms like so many pharmaceuticals would do. Instead, it was naturally regulating hormones over time to address core issues so that the symptoms stopped occurring.

Even though the formula is made up of 5 distinctive herbs, Linda discovered the way the herbs interact with each other in the blend seems to make their individual healing properties even more potent.

The 5 herbs are:

Perfect period. Catnip

Catnip (Nepeta Cataria)

How it supports healthy periods

Catnip is good for relaxing muscle spasms and period cramps, as well as inducing delayed menstruation.

Uses and benefits

It’s not only cats that like Catnip. Catnip leaves and flowers have been used in herbal teas since John K’eogh published a book on Irish herbs in 1735. Known for its calming qualities that promote relaxation, Catnip may also boost mood, and reduce anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness.

Some Native American tribes use Catnip to support immune function and for relaxing muscle spasms and cramps. Medicinally, the plant has been used to treat intestinal cramps, for indigestion, and to induce delayed menstruation.

Possible side effects

Catnip is a diuretic so it might cause more frequent urination and heavier perspiration. Another possible side effect is headaches.

Important precautions

Catnip can cause uterine contractions so it should not be used during pregnancy as it may result in premature labor. For the same reason it could aggravate heavy menstruation.

Perfect period. Chaste tree berry

Chaste Tree Berry (Agnus Castus)

How it supports healthy periods

Chaste Tree Berry is good for treating PMS and stimulating progesterone.

Uses and benefits

The German Commission E has approved the use of Chaste Tree Berry extract for the treatment of PMS and it has long been used in Europe for a female gynecological conditions.

Many clinical trials to date have demonstrated positive outcomes for problem-free periods, progesterone levels and period related breast pain.

Possible side effects

Possible side effects are generally mild, and may include nausea, headache, gastrointestinal disturbances, or itching.

Important precautions

It may not be safe for women with hormone-sensitive conditions, such as breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer, to take this herb. It’s possible that Chaste Tree Berry might interact with some medicines, such as birth control pills, drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease, and drugs used to treat psychosis. If you’re taking medicine, talk with your health care provider before using Chaste Tree Berry.

Perfect period. Dong quai

Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis)

How it supports healthy periods

Dong Quai has anti-inflammatory properties and has been known to balance hormones.

Uses and benefits

Dong quai has been used in Eastern herbal medication for more than 2,000 years. It’s rich in compounds with anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects to help regulate the hormones associated primarily with the menstrual cycle. According to the National Library of Medicine, Dong Quai may alleviate hot flashes.

Possible side effects

Possible side effects can include skin sensitivity to light, loss of appetite, feeling bloated, and diarrhea.

Important precautions

Dong Quai is not for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition or take medical drugs, contact your doctor prior to use.

Perfect period. Motherwort

Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca)

How it supports healthy periods

Motherwort helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce period cramps.

Uses and benefits

Motherwort has been used for thousands of years to treat various conditions, including anxiety and irregular menstruation. It is used to regulate menstruation, bring on delayed periods, and can reduce smooth muscle cramping – particularly menstrual cramps.

Possible side effects

Based on recent findings, the potential side effects of consuming excess amounts of Motherwort include diarrhea, uterine bleeding, and stomach pain.

Important precautions

Could potentially cause uterine contractions so it should not be used during pregnancy as it may result in premature labor. For the same reason it could aggravate heavy menstruation.

Perfect period. Ragweed

Ragweed (Ambrosia Artemisiifolia)

How it supports healthy periods

Ragweed relieves period discomfort and supports regular menstrual cycles.

Uses and benefits

Early Native American healers valued this plant for medicinal uses and took advantage of its topical and internal applications, including as a laxative. Herbalists use ragweed to relieve nausea, menstrual discomfort, and fever.

Other traditional medicinal uses of common ragweed include use for menstrual issues, as an antiseptic (antibacterial), to stop bleeding from a cut, and as a fever reducer. It has also been used as a liver cleanse. 

Perfect Period grows their own ragweed and harvests it before it flowers and pollinates, therefore creating an allergen-free extract. Some customers have even reported a lessening of their allergic reaction to ragweed after taking the product.

Possible side effects

There are no studies on the ragweed plant, so little is known of side effects apart from the allergic reaction to the pollen which is not present in this tincture.

Important precautions

Not to be used during pregnancy. If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before use.

Perfect period. ® is a unique herbal formula for the improvement of women’s menstrual cycles; specifically their periods, in those times when periods are not fun to deal with.

Empowering Women with Perfect Period

The Perfect Period team’s goals are to empower women for the best management of their health through awareness and education; to bring women together in community; and to support women in experiencing healthy, problem-free periods.

They use organic and organically grown herbs which are sourced to maintain the quality and integrity of each plant, and extracted with certified organic alcohol to increase potency and be sure to capture all vital plant compounds. The product is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and phthalates-free. It is manufactured in an FDA-inspected, Underwriter’s Laboratory-Certified facility that meets GMP standards, located in the United States.

Is Perfect Period Right for You?

There are many rave reviews (see the testimonials below), but our bodies all respond differently and it’s worth considering all the facts before making any decision to alter your supplement regimen.


  • Perfect Period has been used by the founder, her family, and friends, plus a large customer base with remarkably positive results for almost 40 years.
  • The herbs are well chosen for their relevant benefits.
  • Contains certified organic and organically grown herbs.
  • It is manufactured in an FDA-inspected, Underwriter’s Laboratory-Certified facility that meets GMP standards, located in the United States.


  • As with any supplement, I’d recommend you consult a medical expert before using it and pay special attention if you are on medication or birth control.
  • As it’s a 1oz bottle compared to similar products which are 2oz bottles it might seem pricey, but keep in mind that it is a potent formula and you are likely to require a lower dosage, so one bottle could last 45 days and then the comparison works out similarly.
  • It contains alcohol which might put some people off. Their website suggests masking the taste in tea or orange juice or putting the drops in water and then boiling it to let the alcohol boil off. Keep in mind that extracting the herbs using alcohol results in a more potent formula than using other methods so it’s worth a try.


Perfect Period has helped many women over the past almost 40 years. Here are some testimonials from women who have experienced positive results from using Perfect Period.

Perfect Period is helping with perimenopause!

After having kids, there were times when my period was effortless and times when it wasn’t.
Then perimenopause started and I REALLY needed help.

I started taking Perfect Period and it HELPED.
Now, every month, my period comes and goes with no struggle, no cramps, no issues.
Amazing!  I’ve been recommending it to my friends.
Susan P.T.
New York

Almost zero cramping

My periods had become unbearable – I would be doubled over and unable to function, very very heavy, with a full week of PMS, breast soreness, bloating, hormonal acne, you name it, I had it.
I just started my first period since I’ve been taking your product [Perfect Period], and almost zero cramping!!! I am in shock.  No skin going crazy, either.
THANK YOU for making this!!!

Angela Bridge

It’s less heavy and shorter

I noticed it was a more normal schedule.  Before I started taking Perfect Period, my period was every 2 weeks and it was heavy on days five and six.  Now it’s every 28 days.  It’s less heavy and it’s also shorter.  It only lasts 3-4 days with light spotting on day five.
Christy Montoya

I felt calmer

The most welcome change brought about by the use of Perfect Period is that I quickly felt much calmer and more centered; more in control of my emotions.  I’ve also realized that my diet has improved, I watch less TV, and am more self-aware.  I’m paying more attention to my behaviors in a positive way rather than with self-criticism.
Paula Tompkins

My period is lighter

Hi! Just wanted to let you know my results with Perfect Period so far. I used 10 drops a day for my last cycle and felt SO much better than I did on the pill (I’m finally sleeping!). My period was lighter than on the pill and I had less discomfort. . . .
former Poison Center Prevention Educator

My boyfriend thanks you!

Your Perfect Period formula seems so far to be working wonders. I believe with continued use, my “roller coaster” symptoms seem to be leveling out. . . . I believe it’s a matter of finding the right dosage for me. My boyfriend thanks you!

Pre-period headaches gone

I’ve had headaches my whole life right before my period.  I didn’t have my pre-period headache this month which was awesome.
Elizabeth Johnson

Perfect Period Review Summary

Perfect Period.® Herbal Tincture for Women's Health

Perfect Period. herbal tincture extracts the beneficial compounds from 5 unique herbs to support women to have problem-free periods.

Product SKU: perfectperiod

Product Brand: Perfect Period.

Editor's Rating:


  • Almost 40 years of positive results.
  • Good selection of herbs with relevant benefits.
  • Organic and organically grown herbs.
  • Manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility.


  • As with any supplement there could be side effects, especially if on medication or birth control.
  • Seems pricey, but the dosage is lower than similar products, so it works out similar.
  • Contains alcohol, but this does ensure a more potent tincture.
Karen Johnson - The Elated Vegan

Author Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson is a Nutritarian Coach certified with Joel Fuhrman M.D. She founded Elated Vegan in 2007 to raise awareness for farmed animals and opened the Elated Vegan Health marketplace in 2020 to help people be healthy vegans. Karen is currently studying for a Vegan Nutritionist Diploma at the Centre of Excellence.

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